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  • Derrynacannana, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Paul Bordiss is best known for his quirky and individual paintings of farm and domestic animals, and often uses the tradition of folk dance and music as inspiration. His favourite quote is by the late American artist and teacher Robert Henri: 

“Paint what you feel, paint what you see,

paint what is real to you." 


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Sunflowers, Time, Myths, Legends and the human condition also make appearances in his work. He first exhibited in 1996 at the Gallery at Bevere in Worcester - now one of the area’s premier galleries. Many solo and joint shows have followed with a growing interest in his work which has been bought by at least one Head of Fine Art from Cambridge University UK. Many other private collectors have purchased his art from around the world including UK, Ireland, France, USA, Germany and New Zealand.

One reviewer of his work commented on the humanoid expression that he achieves in the faces and eyes of his animal subjects. Paul says that this deliberate interpretation is because he feels a deep connection to everything through consciousness. In a world that has become obsessed with material 'things' and consumerism it is good to remember that we are not machines and that we are apart of a huge eco system on Earth and possibly beyond.



  • Clifford T Ward, Bob Dylan, David Bowie ,Tom Delonge, Nick Cave, Yes and Doctor Mindflip.

  • Greek/Roman history, Animals, Insects, Religion, politics, rock art, Ancient gods, Astronomy, Anatomy, Anthology, Science, Science fiction and human origins.

  • Van Gogh, Euan Uglow, Paul Cézanne, David Hockney.

  • Ireland, County Mayo, Croagh Patrick, Irish Myths and Legends, Irish Rock art, Dolmens, Newgrange.

Paul has been supported, inspired, mentored and commissioned by some acclaimed artists. One of them was Mike Bibby, former Head of Fine Art at Homerton College in Cambridge who has sadly passed away. Paul says, "Mike and I would often visit each others studios in Pershore, Worcestershire. He was a very appreciative of my work and purchased the cow painting titled ‘Fraser’. I will always remember him being so supportive and encouraging. He even wrote to a London Gallery on my behalf as he believed in me and felt I deserved a wider audience. Mike had been a friend of the artist Euan Uglow. He had some original drawings of Uglows. I immediately became a fan of his work." 

Another of Paul's friends and patrons who also has sadly passed away was John A. Poole. RA John was a renown sculptor and member of the Royal Academy. He was an enthusiastic supporter of Paul's work and purchased the cow painting titled ‘Ben’.


Some of Pauls paintings have been printed onto placemats and greetings cards and can be found in selective outlets in the UK and Ireland (and in his new online shop as well!) 

Paul believes his affinity with the animals comes from growing up on farms where his Dad worked as a stockman. Paul’s other passion is music which also features strongly as a theme in many of his paintings. A keen musician and singer, Paul will often be seen at music sessions playing guitar or his button accordion.

He is also a chimney sweep of over 20 years’ experience. He has more recently found work in the TV and film industry as an extra and actor. He has appeared in 'Game of Thrones', ‘Fair City’, ‘TG4’ – an Irish TV production crime reconstruction series, the Heineken ‘Working Together’ advert, as well as the ABC American TV series ‘Quantico’.

He also appears as a Cameraman alongside ex Pogue Cait O’Reardon in a music video by Dublin band ‘Girl Band’ - voted best Irish music video of 2015 at Cork film festival 2016 and nominated best music video at the Berlin music video awards 2016. (You can watch the video here!) 

Paul now lives near Westport, County Mayo, Ireland. He would love to hear from you and you can email him at

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